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After one year of training, thousands of lines of code, and gallons of coffee, we're ready for the coding challenges of tomorrow.

Our Software Developer Bootcamp is a full-year, part-time program. The curriculum teaches the skills and technologies required to become a junior full-stack software developer. Cohort Evening One focused on building the frontend chops to create websites, web apps, and hybrid mobile applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS. We laid down a solid foundation in general software engineering and server­-side development concepts, e.g. test­-driven development, object­-oriented programming, pair programming, source code control in a team environment, common code patterns, C#, .Net, and databases with SQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Postgres. And other stuff like Grunt, Gulp, VIM, Git, GitHub, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, Command Line, RESTful API, MVC, Bower, NPM.

Our Specialties

The curriculum at NSS has given us both the skill and the knowledge of technology required to become junior full-stack software developers, including:

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